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Experience since 1950...

Experience of Long Years

The company was found by Ahmet GERÇEL in 1950 in drapery sales and commerce and has sold dry goods and notions in Grand Bazaar since 1972. In 1972, he started wholesale in Vatan Street and actively worked until 1990 until he died. Vahit Gerçel has took over the company and continued wholesale, dry goods, and home textile. In 2000, he started contract textile manufacturing. He focused on research and development, and pattern works to offer various textile to customers. With these efforts, he found a solid place in the market. As his grandson Ahmet Gerçel started the business, 3000 square metre building is opened in Organized Industrial Zone in 2014. The company received OEKO text document and accelerated the growth of the company with textile supply to exporters and manufacturers. The company has become a solution and business partner and offered R&D, pattern, visualization, and sample services to the customers to reach the targets.