Experience Since 1950

The company was found by Ahmet GERÇEL in 1950 in drapery sales and commerce and has sold dry goods and notions in Grand Bazaar since 1972.

Research and Development

Our company undertakes research and development works to achieve high technology, non-flammable, and versatile textile.

OEKO TEX Document

Our company has this document. The documents is a standard developed in 1992 for textile firms and their suppliers to protect ecological balance and eliminate environmental pollution.

Downproof Textile Technology

To eliminate goose down to come of quilt and pillow, special textile called “downproof” is manufactured.

Our Specialities

  • Iron board cloth manufacturing (with special patterns)
  • Non-flammable ironing cloth
  • Printed raschel textile manufacturing
  • Hotel-Hospital textile
  • Printed Cotton Textile Manufacturing
  • Cotton polyester printed textile manufacturing
  • Upholstery fabric
  • Patten textile
  • Sunshade curtain
  • Thread-painted textile
  • Piping textile